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“How wonderful it is, how pleasant, for God’s people to live together in harmony!” Those words, spoken by the psalmist (133:1) long ago, are true yet today. Whenever God’s people, regardless of denominational label, value and appreciate one another’s faith, we are part of something wonderful and pleasant.
Witness of our faith:
1. The bread ministry has been in constant Saturday giving since June 2004 with the following exceptions: a Christmas & a New Years Day that fell on a Saturday; the hurricanes of 2004; one week following hurricane Katrina; three weeks following hurricane Wilma. Everybody who has shown up has received bread or some other baked goods.
2. With NO EXCEPTIONS any time a request has been made for a fellowship event, a memorials’ refreshments, or another third party’s event here at Epworth Church: the amount and selection needed was fulfilled.
3. What the bread ministry has afforded us is the opportunity to see God’s munificence in action.
For more information about the Bread Ministry, Please contact: Don Speer
(954) 560-6206


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